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anima carnale is a freshly created program designed to showcase the unique company of American dancers and, award winning European Choreographer, Enzo Celli.

The combination reveals a sweet marriage of intersecting cultures that foster the all-American physical and mental strength, and the compelling European willingness to produce work that speaks to theatricality, context and conceptualism. VIVO Ballet wants to bring people together that can celebrate art that is inspired by European heritage and supported by American culture and community. Influenced by his Italian heritage and upbringing, Celli lets literature, poetry, lyricism and theater inform his movement style today.

VIVO Ballet offers an exclusive performance identifiable by its fusion of acrobatics, partnering, strong contemporary floorwork, and dialogue. 

anima carnale is an opportunity to share how the human experience looks from the outside perspective, and relatedly, how it makes you feel within.