VIVO Ballet


choreography ENZO CELLI

“Enzo Celli entered the stage and engaged the audience by making clear eye contact and simply demonstrating the hilarity of the power of minimalism. Suddenly, he began a series of sliding rond de jambs that turned into a duet with Elisabetta Minutoli. The intertwining movement told a beautiful story of the quest between people to be noticed by one another. The arc of the piece was excellently executed and, in the end, they returned to humor. Comedy cannot exist without darkness, and Celli’s work demonstrated this superbly”.

“Irritante" (Vexatious) is one of Enzo Celli's most beloved performances. To use an Italian term we would say " un lazzo" (a lump) which means sour taste and astringent. In the comedy of art, the lazzo is defined as a short mimic and buffoon-like action, intertwined in dialogue to give life to the scene: the lazzi of Pulcinella and Arlecchino are remembered. Stage dancers bring us into a dimension of deep feeling, sacrificing it for performance.

"Vexatious" compose, or rather breaks down, in two versions: 10 minutes duration, which develops through a duet and the second of the duration of 30 minutes is made by five dancers.

“Irritante" together with "Paracasoscia" makes up the diptych titled “Sulla risata amara” (On bitter laughter).