VIVO Ballet


choreography ENZO CELLI

It seems like the lyrical wind is blowing and overpowers the public slyly and with self-irony. Enzo Celli is a creative dramatic artist, circus performer and dancer, and contemporaneously an athlete and poet”. Giornale della Danza

Rossini and Verdi, and everything that is part of our lyrical heritage is unique to the world, they are an inspiration to captivate energetically in pure  entertainment full of emotions and lyricism, where there is a blending from the extreme, tradition and innovation, vigor, technique, aggressiveness and simple and delicate gestural movements. Ironic and intelligent, Celli fills you with emotions and transports into choreography reinterpretations with regards to the music. Taking from the past so as to reinvent, destabilize and recreate with inspiration, merging everything and everyone into a vital, conspiratorial and seductiveness.

It is the spectacle of Enzo Celli most replicated (so as to make even the most imitated). Especially abroad has more than 300 replicas worldwide, went on stage in America, Brazil, Germany, France, Serbia, Russia, Korea, Israel.

It is a witty and self-ironic dance play which revisits our splendid lyrical patrimony, principally that of Giuseppe Verdi and Gioacchino Rossini, by means of a young, piquant language at the same time so energetic and strong as much as subtle and delicate, likethe male and female lyrical voices can be.

A new and extremely modern way to approach Opera, both on the part of the choreographer Enzo Celli and the Botega Company itself that have to interpret the Opera language in order to make young people willing to approach the Italian Lyrical Repertoire. Paracasoscia (translated from the dialect "It looks like a whiff" is a carusel of the most famous melodies which from lyrical world "are whiffing" towards the audience overwhelming it by means of a language contaminated by dance, break-dance, acrobatic and circensian arts, blended together in a semi-serious play. Paracasoscia wants to play with the Italian traditions language by "whiffing away" the burden of time.