Modulo Project, Laccioland

Laccio is an innovative, unconventional talent in dance and more. W magazine, one of the most important magazines of the New York press, calls him a “youthquake”, and Vogue says that he’s a talent “with the face of a Botticelli angel and the spirit of Johnny Rotten”. Young, eclectic, versatile, Emanuele Cristofoli, known as Laccio, was born on the 25th of June, 1981 in Agro Pontino, Italy.

His artistic life began through urban dance meets where his potential was immediately recognized. He has diverse interests starting with his specialization in interior design at the Istituto Europeo di Design and going on to his commitment to fashion: he designed a successful collection received from Villanova in Kuwait to New York’s Bloomingdale, and then on the pages of Vogue in the UK and the international W magazine.
His career took many different directions: first a dancer, then a choreographer and art director. Laccio can coordinate, organize and direct an event for TV, music or theatre in every detail grounding in originality and quality. Taking care of genre, goals, target audience, he can also work with suggestions from the client.
Laccio’s art direction has an innovative and iridescent mark which is clealy seen in the Modulo Project, the most dynamic and original company in Italy, and at the Modulo Factory, the first training academy devoted to urban dancers.

His career took many different directions: first a dancer, then a choreographer and an art director.
Now he is working as a choreographer at “The Voice of Italy”. He will give form to the voices, working with singers and creating dances with his own company: Modulo Project.

He founded Laccioland company in 2012. It’s a new experiment of analysis and creative development of urban dance. The starting point is the technical pureness of hip-hop dance, but the destination has changed: we look for and find a new language shaped on Laccio’s material experience. That’s why we call it “Laccioland Company”: now more than ever the language of the choreographer himself is being shown. Laccioland is a new message that takes place in the trial of urban techniques and in its colors and movement contamination. The company is autoproduced and composed of several young people: Laccio, Shake and some Modulo Factory students. Through the Academy these young people could meet and learn this new language made up of technique, street, destruction and creation. Laccioland Company starts off with the show CRE/AZIONE in Catania at Scenario Pubblico on the 5th and 6th January 2013.