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VIVO was born in 2015 by an idea of Enzo Celli and Fulvio Pallisco, Elisabetta Minutoli and Marco Sabbatini completed the team that launched the group.
VIVO has presented itself on the scene of contemporary dance, from an early stage, as an innovative reality, even from a managerial point of view.
It consists of a Center for Professional Education based in Rome, and a dance company made up of a double cast: one American directed by Amy Elizabeth based in Houston and one European directed by Olja Jovanovic based in Vršac in Serbia.

Enzo Celli

VIVO Artistic Director

Fulvio Pallisco

VIVO General Manager

Elisabetta Minutoli

VIVO Associated Artistic Director


Marco Sabbatini

VIVO Communication Manager

Amy Elizabeth

VIVO American Company Director

Olja Jovanovich

VIVO European Company Director

Giulia Mancini

Giulia Mancini

VIVO Rehearsal Director